Piotr Skiba


21.12.2017 – 15.03.2018

Opening: Thursday 21 December, 6pm/9pm

Via San Francesco da Paola 12/d (Piazza Carlina), 10123 Torino (IT)

Reviewed by: La Repubblica


Bird of whom I know’

a poem by Rafal Wojaczek

My face looks at me from the clouds

Having come out from my body and eyes

This is blood - straining past the horizon

My breath is blood, and a dry wind

That vertically ascends from the anchor

Of my lungs as a stalk of circling bird

But since earth is just now turning in reverse

The lungs turn in me 'til they rip out

Through mouth, through ribcage - like a cloth

Still there is sky, and my face is vast

As blood is dawning over the horizon's rim

The bird still knows his elevation

Yet unknowing, he's slowly seeping

From the large to my tight sky

Of closed eyelids - heavy as shroud.


ALLEY is the project room of Giorgio Galotti gallery. In 2017 it moves to an antique 1700’s vitrine in the center of Turin, in collaboration with Andrea Pagliano, to invite international artists to present site specific interventions, one for each season.

For the Winter season, Piotr Skiba has been invited to present the second intervention based on two sculptures, one for each showcase, with the intention to recreate a fake pet shop with rests of animals not survived to our generation. It’s a simple way to offer through a vitrine, normally used for commercial intentions, a point of view to reflect of the natural extinction using the sculpture language.

A fake snake skin realized in brass and a kind of open cage for a sleepy or died parrot, realized in a luxury material like the copper is.



ALLEY è la project room della galleria Giorgio Galotti. Nel 2017 si trasferisce in un’antica vetrina del 1700 situata nel centro storico di Torino, in collaborazione con Andrea Pagliano, per invitare artisti internazionali a presentare interventi specifici, uno per ogni stagione.

Per l’Inverno, Piotr Skiba è stato invitato a presentare il secondo intervento che si basa su due sculture che occupano le due vetrine frontali con l’intenzione di ricreare un finto negozio di animali, con resti di due animali non sopravvissuti alla nostra generazione. Un modo per offrire un punto di vista sull’estinzione naturale attraverso il linguaggio della scultura e mediante una vetrina su strada, normalmente utilizzata per scopi commerciali.

Un finta pelle di serpente realizzata in ottone ossidato e una scultura in rame che ricorda le forme di una gabbia incompleta per un pappagallo esanime o forse dormiente.


Photo credits: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano