Giacomo Raffaelli

presented by Vin Vin (AT)

Alley is a project room devoted to Italian artists, invited by international platforms


Vin Vin is a gallery located in Vienna (AT) founded by Vincenzo Della Corte

21.02.2016 - 31.03.2016

Opening: Saturday 20 February at 7pm


In his process the artistic and scientific researches are mixed, therefore, as the artist himself states, it is a speculative process. The two main starting points of his research are the kilogram and gravitational waves: for both there are no ultimate answers and both have the utopical aim to find an absolute reference in reality. The kilogram is the only unit of measurement that still refers to a physical object and it is still based on a physical prototype; it is not possible to define it through numbers or formulas. The question that Raffaelli asks himself is: how can an artist focus his attention on the material nature of a unit of measurement and more in general on the material element, in an era where everything is becoming dematerialized? Helped by scientists of National Physical Laboratory in London, the artist 3d-scanned the kilogram prototype and discovered certain aesthetical peculiarities that don't allow its exact reproduction through digital technologies. Departing from such failure, Giacomo Raffaelli gave a physical shape to the 3d scan attempts, printing them on the skin used in the laboratories to clean the prototype; it is exactly the before mentioned obstacle to originate the artist's gesture. Pointcloud, the work exhibited at Alley, and more in general, Raffaelli's artistic practice, come from all these premises. He is interested in the peripheral, human and cultural aspects / outcomes of the scientific research. The breaking point between the natural and the cultural elements is the origin of the artist's universe, that despite the rigour and the exactitude of his research, method and process, with consciousness admits that his acts are purely instinctive.

Vincenzo Della Corte


Giacomo Raffaelli (1988, IT) lives and works between Rovereto and London.

Vin Vin is a gallery located in Vienna (AT) that will host its inaugural exhibition in March 2016. The project is strongly focused on Austrian emerging practices and the same time it will be active at an international level, promoting interaction between the local art scene and art professionals and institutions abroad.